Seeing Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time, it’s an uninquisitive spirit who doesn’t wonder, ‘What must it be like to stand on the “Roof of Africa” and look down from the snowy summit, to the vast plains, some 5,895m below?’

Kilimanjaro is an awesome spectacle, but climbing it is achievable by anyone who is determined and reasonably fit. There are several routes to the summit, of which we recommend four. Rongai and Marangu are the easiest, while Machame and Shira provide more difficult ascents.

The Marangu Route
The easiest and most popular route to the summit, this is classified as a moderate trek rather than a climb. It is suitable for those adventurers who are not particularly experienced in the mountains.

The Rongai Route
This is our favourite route for those aspiring to conquer the summit. The trek approaches the mountain from the north and is more scenic and far less developed than other routes. Classified as a moderate climb, a good level of fitness is all that is required. Accommodation is in high-altitude tents.

The Machame Route
More difficult than the Marangu Route and suitable for experienced climbers. Approach is from the southwest, with fascinating rainforests and spectacular views over Mount Meru. Unforgettable.

The Shira Route
One of the more difficult routes, we only recommended this trail to those with suitable climbing experience. The trek begins on the beautiful plains and moorland to the west, where one can explore the extraordinary rock formations, then cross the southern icefields of Kibo.


Tanzania is a country of great beauty and diversity, encompassing some of Africa’s most wonderful images. The Serengeti with its millions of wildebeest that congregate annually. Ngorongoro Crater conservation area, where a huge concentration of game coexists with the Maasai people. The snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro.