Essential part in a circuit, with suitable camping tents and quality equipment you will spend unforgettable evenings and excellent nights in all conditions that may be encountered and wild weather.
Igloo tents type set up by the team or by the participants are adapted to Africa spacious and equipped with watertight openings nets for good ventilation while being safe from intruders.

High density foam mattresses to recover your activities’ days, seats with backrest camping to relax in the evening by the fire and cook material on the complete equipment. In certain formula they supplement this material by mess tents and showers safari.

The backpack for Mount Ascension

This is the bag that will travel with you in the cabin, and that you will wear every day for the ascent. It should not be too large (35 liters MINIMUM, MAXIMUM 50 liters), and contain what is heavy and fragile during international flights, and what can be useful during transfers jacket, books and magazines, personal medication, kit toilet, very good sunglasses, etc … Mark it, inside and outside with your name and address.